New Music
Smackdown! ASM vs.

Thursday! Thursday! Thurrrrrrrrrsday!

April 2nd 2009!

Nu Yorican Poets Cafe!

Get rrrrready to rrrrrrumble!

A featherweight wrestling match you won't wanna miss!

This ain't no poetry slaaaaam...

The defenders of the punk-classical scene, Anti-Social Music take on the young upstarts of thingNY.

Rumor has it that thingNY will be using a piece from ASM's vaults against them! Gasp!

Bowhairs will break. Clarinets will squeal. Ocarinas will do whatever it is that they do!

Will ASM prevail with its sonic five-eighths nelson? Or will thingNY's relentless onslaught of concerti send ASM whimpering into its corner?

Featuring music by:
Andrea "17/16" La Rose
Dan "The Spy" Lasaga
Pat "Eye Candy" Muchmore
Peter "On Tour" Hess
Kamala "Kamala" Sankaram

In their corner:
John "The Bone" Wriggle
Brad "The Beard" Kemp
Andie "In Demand" Springer
Jeff "Debbie" Hudgins
Drew "Flemmaster" Fleming

Thursday 2 April 2009
7 in the P M!
10 bucks.
nuyorican poets cafe 236 e 3rd st.
(between aves b and c)
(take the F,V trains to 2nd ave)

Past Performances: