Anti-Social Music Distracts You on a Stressful Night

Four years ago, we participated in an evening of debauchery and wild music that was so crazy, I'm pretty sure somebody wound up being the head of the executive branch of the entire country. We think maybe it was Franz or Kamala, but our memory is kinda hazy. Anyway, four years seems like an appropriate waiting interval, so on Tuesday November 6th we'll be joining in on Spectrum's New Music Election Party at 121 Ludlow Street. Lots of groups will be performing, including longtime ASM friends ThingNY, alongside a TV with full coverage of all the night's activities, so you won't miss a single, stressful moment of the voting tabulation.

Our set is sometime around 8, and will feature Jean Cook, Pat Muchmore, Hubert Chen and Edward RosenBerg III playing their little hearts out. We'll present the world premiere of two vaguely politically-themed pieces: (whatever happened with) REACHING ACROSS THE AISLE by Andrea La Rose and Pentecost #1 by Pat Muchmore, and we'll also play a few old favorites alongside the ASM premiere of a piece by Ed for sax and electronics. The whole party will climax in a presentation of Workers Union by Louis Andriessen, performed by members from each group.

Let's face it, no matter what happens that night, a lot of people will either be pretty happy or pretty sad. As always, ASM will be pulling the levers for drinkable wine and mass confusion, so wouldn't it be better to commiserate/rejoice in the presence of friends, booze and surly music?

Anti-Social Music Distracts You on a Stressful Night
WHEN: Tuesday, November 6th: Festivities begin around 7 PM
WHERE: Spectrum at 121 Ludlow Street

With loving kisses,

no stress! luv, ASM

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