ASM Splits the Difference, Oct. 8


Friday, Oct. 8, 2004, 10pm
$9.99 (cheap!)
The Flea Theater Downstairs
41 White St. (bet. Broadway and Church)

Six of one, a half dozen of another. Half full, half empty. Life is full of compromises. We like premieres, right? It's there in the mission statement. But we had too many. Basically everyone we like wrote something.

And if you hadn't heard, we have a big piece in the works from Jersey experimental/ ambient/ hip-hop monsters Dälek, the first installment in our new commission-collaboration project, ASM Sleeps Around (more on that soon). This'll be the centerpiece of our 8TH FULL-ON PREMIERES EXTRAVAGANZA GALA, Friday, December 10, at the Friends Seminary (15 Rutherford Pl. near Union Square).

So what we've got here is some of the best premieres of the season: solo trombone from Andrea LaRose, solo violin from microtonal master Al Giusto, and the latest installments in the ongoing in-house serials brokenAphorisms (from Pat Muchmore) and SymphonASM (from John Wriggle, the sequel to 2002's Hero Cops and Olympic Gold).

Mixed with ASM classics, for our usual bargain price of $9.99.

And we've been trying to play at the Flea for years, but something about hero firemen was jamming up the works. Come early and be creepy to Sigourney Weaver, who's playing upstairs before us. That's where we'll be.

The lineuppremieres in italics
- Al Giusto: Shroud for solo violin in Werckmeister III
- Al Giusto: Deadly Rhythms for string quartet (excerpts)
- Peter Hess: Salt or Hail for 2 clarinets
- Andrea LaRose: testify for trombone
- Pat Muchmore: brokenAphorisms_12-14 for cello and accordian
- Eric Shanfield: Super Frog Saves Tokyo (excerpts) for saxomophone trio
- John Wriggle: SymphonASM 2 for piccolo, flute, guitar, and 3 violas
- John Wriggle: A Hundred Grand a Year for clarinet, violin, cello, and pianer

The guilty parties at this particular execution: Jen Baker (trombone), Hubert Chen (violin), Ty Citerman (guitar), Jean Cook (violin), Leanne Darling (viola), Loren Dempster (cello), Peter Hess (clarinet, flute, saxophone), Jeff Hudgins (saxophone), Andrea LaRose (flute, piccolo), Pat Muchmore (cello), Franz Nicolay (accordion), Emily Schelstrate (violin), Philippa Thompson (viola), Karen Waltuch (viola)


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