Spooning with ASM


The nasty folks of Anti-Social Music sure are anti-social, nasty types. Nevertheless, even the nastiest most anti-socialest types need some semblance of affection now and again. Towards this end we've taken up spooning. Ah, spooning... But we won't be singing "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" for this show (you know, "...I want to spoooooon! To my lover, I'll croon love's tune..." Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who knows it...), 'cause we're all about new music that's hard to sing, such as:

  • Al-gharaniq II/Fracture IV - for a slew of people - by the ever-cuddly, bemohawked Pat Muchmore
  • Hazed, at the Authority - for 3 saxes and 3 brass - by the intriguing world-traveler Dan Lasaga
  • Al's Mysterious Death Project (title subject to change) - for fretless guitar in 1/4 comma meantone - by microtonal Mainer Al Giusto
  • palisades...music from the film - for string quintet and piano - by the voiceless-yet-eternally-cool Bill Brittelle
  • Top Dog Third World (Advancing Culture through Management) - by that sly fox John Wriggle - featuring the always-lovely Philippa Thompson on spoons!

Yeah, she's playing spoons! You know that's what we meant by spooning, right? ...that we now have a spoonist who spoons in our ranks, right? You thought that we were interested in snuggling?! Ewwwww. So...I don't know...social.

Spooning with ASM!
a world-premiere she-bang, with only one utensil.
21 May 2005
CAMI (across the street from Carnegie Hall on 57th btw 6&7 aves.)

Extra-special thanks to NYSCA for funding us, and Tim Cook for letting us use his sweet spoon picture!

Spooning with ASM postcard

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