Anti-Social Music stole my girlfriend

and I need backup 'cause we're gonna get the punk that did it. They're gonna be playing at the Neointegrity: This Land Is Your Land festival July 4th and I heard there's gonna be eight kegs so you know they'll be in no condition to fight back.

I mean, we'll let them do their set first, at noon, 'cause they're doing Pat Muchmore's PortRait of the ArTist,**NYC2001 (that solo cello electronics/piece everyone loves), Peter Hess' Trios I-III, and something new from Franz Nicolay. The festival is all day, from noon to midnight, on the East Williamsburg rooftop of the Kosher Pickle Warehouse. No cover, more bands than you can count plus video, galleries, attention-deprived folks doing their performance thing, and did I mention all the beer? And the no cover?

But more importantly, after that, we're gonna kick their no-good sheet-music-reading girlfriend-stealing asses. Then eat kosher pickles.

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