ASM's Gone Soft

Like cream cheese. Yeah, we used to be all anarchy, misanthropic, in-your-face, and so forth, but it's fall and we've turned a new leaf. It all started with celebrating International Peace Week with HNIA, instilling in us a newfound appreciation for bells and confusing the public with group walks.

Then, still glowing from that experience, we signed up for the Brooklyn Peace Fair, where in the spirit of true peace and humility Jason Trachtenburg said, "Anti-Social Music? Fuck all of you!"

Well, after that, we just couldn't get enough karmic vibrational goodness, so we're packing the rental van and bringing our beatific smiles, gumdrops, and kittens to the city of brotherly love (and a lovely cracked bell!) to celebrate our new personas as harbingers of peace. Ha!

November 10th (fri) @ CEC
Community Education Center
3500 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
8:00pm, $5

Tune in 2 Dec when we return to our normal, fucked-up selves, going deep for the climax of the octopus...

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