Anti-Social Music Sings and Plays Out of Tune!


Saturday, October 11, 2003, at 8 p.m.
at CAMI Hall (165 W. 57th at Seventh Ave., across from Carnegie Hall)
Subway: N/R to 57th St.
Cover: A mere $9.99. You just don't get a better deal.
Call: (917) 543-0947 Email:

Hi there from your favorite new music collective.

We've been accused of it often enough, so in the spirit of alchemists long past we've made an ethos of our weaknesses and believers of our critics - it is with great pleasure we announce that on October 11, 2003, ASM will SING AND PLAY OUT OF TUNE for your listening pleasure. It's the Fifth Hospitable, Remarkable, Indubitable, Unmistakable ASM All World Premieres Extravaganza!

Fresh out of our beachside recording studios, whilst toiling on the long-awaited (by us) debut record, ASM spent August culling through literally hundreds of scores to find only the grimiest, most dazzling new works to bring direct to YOU. And when we say this show will give you an earache, we mean brand spanking new new music! Not a single one of these works has ever been heard by you, guaranteed or your money back.

Yes, once again we will travel uptown to the dainty sugar plum fairy red velvet embroidered walls of CAMI HALL, in search of truth, lusty life, noisemakers, and, most notably, elbow room.

You may ask yourself: what gum-tingling dose does ASM have up its collective sleeve this fall? We've filtered four feisty new tricks from ASM stalwarts, plus three new composers whose haircuts will astonish you! For the first time, we do it on purpose and tackles microtonal string works. And to top the evening off, the boy and girl wonders of ASM are throwing aside their instruments and stretching open their mouths to bring to you something we're quite sure you've never heard before.

As always, ASM features players you may know from such groups as the World/Inferno Friendship Society, Gutbucket, Jenny Toomey, Jon Langford/Ship & Pilot, Alarm Will Sound ; not to mention Al from Sweetwater Tavern (and the American Federation of Microtonal Musicians).

Please remember to tip your bartenders.

Anti-Social Music Sings and Plays Out of Tune! Features:

  • Peter HESS - Salt or Hail for 2 amplified clarinets
  • Dan LASAGA - Hierbas en mi herida de amor for cl, cello, gtr, and soprano
  • Pat MUCHMORE - p@1i/\/\p$35+ Beta:}{:brokenAphorisms_7-11 for cello and piano
  • John WRIGGLE - World/Bank for string sexxxtet

and introducing...

  • Max DUYKERS - I'd Want Her Eyes To Fill With Wonder for fl, cl, vln, vc, pno, perc
  • Al GIUSTO - The Seven Deadly Rhythms for Werckmeister III string quartet
  • John STAFFORD - Ave Maria for ASM Chorus

Other compatriots in this production include: Marlan Barry, Judith Berkson, Hubert Chen, Jean Cook, Leanne Darling, Loren Dempster, Justin Hines, Alex Weinstein, Ian Moss, Dan Neustadt, Emily Schelstrate, Ken Thomson, Karen Waltuch, and George Wright

And then we'll be taking the hoopla on the road! Check us out in DC, Atlanta, and Winston-Salem.

"How much new chamber music has been composed, let alone performed, for the general public as of late? Not enough, according to the Anti-Social Music Collective. They're bringing not punk rock but punk orchestra to the people. More precisely: original chamber music by way of DIY. Tonight, ASM presents its fourth Semi-Annual Premieres Extravaganza, featuring a full roster of new compositions from "punks who went to orchestra camp." The last performance was so packed that the crowd spilled onstage. This time, they promise standing-room-only space in the rafters." -NYPress, 2003

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