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Raves in brief:

"Sometimes beautiful & accessible - other times not so much - Fracture lives up to its name...It's through this adventurous use of orchestral instruments that classical music's hope of staying alive and relevant rest."

-The Big Takeover, review of "Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore"

"[Muchmore's] art is multi-versed, schizophrenic, and often intentionally misleading: ten minutes is not enough to let you grasp it...a thrilling, exhilarating, 70-minute journey through music many would qualify as mad or chaotic. Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore is definitely not an easy listen, but it rewards as much as it shocks, and it sustains deeper analysis, revealing both a unique personal universe and an ensemble with an impressive set of music skills. Recommended.", review of "Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore"

"Jittery, delicate, unsettling, emotive, and unnerving...a kick in the balls"

-KZSU Stanford, review of Gumdrops and Kittens from "Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore"

"Fracture is the musical equivalent of a box of chocolates, with none of the chocolates being the real sweet, milky pieces. No sir, this is the dark, hard stuff, and if you prefer your candy undiluted and strong that way, Anti-Social Music has a Whitman's Sampler for you."

-Something Else!, review of "Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore"

"A series of noisy, occasionally savage compositions that also boast boldness and originality...pairing precision with mayhem. #7 of 2010."

-Monsieur Delire, review of "Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore"

"It's sonically liberated music...and it connects with a long history (think Penderecki via Laibach) of bringing acoustic classical instruments into the realm of industrial and/or noise music."

-The Rambler, review of "Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore"

"If you like frightful keening, mechanical drones, lyrical violin, atonal accordion, abstract saxophone, and ethereal piano, as well as the occasional surprise, you'll love the compositions of Pat Muchmore even longer than it takes for you to type in the length of their track titles. #4 Classical Record of 2010"

-WBSR 88.1 Providence, 2010 Top Five Albums

"what happens when a bunch of talented musicians become hell-bent on recording something nearly unlistenable...What's in a name [like Anti-Social Music]? This time, a lot."


"Anti-Social Music is punk's next breath."

-Brian Keene in Real Detroit Weekly, Punks in the (Orchestra) Pit

"If Yo-Yo Ma and Ian MacKaye scored an Alfred Hitchcock film, Anti-Social Music might sleep through it[...]Imagine an orchestra wearing formal attire and combat boots, then replace the conductor's baton with a bottle of Jack Daniel's."

-Magnet, #1 of 10 Records You Missed in 2005

"The tightrope walk between discipline and abandon makes Muchmore's compositions frequently thrilling, occasionally confusing and a tad nauseating...The chaos lies somewhere between John Zorn's Naked City skronk and a nightmarish noir score, a little bit organ-grinder meets meat grinder. But there's more to this than wild, antagonizing dissonance."

-Time Out Chicago, review of "Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore"

"often daring and always expressive, lingering in a constant state of sharp-edged uneasiness...Plays out like a deranged, punk rock version of Peter and the Wolf."


"classy, edgy, fun"


"I think contemporary chamber music is the new frontier in socially unacceptable music for the youth of today."

-NPR/WNYC, Franz Nicolay on John Schaefer's Soundcheck

"They're bringing not punk rock but punk orchestra to the people. More precisely: original chamber music by way of DIY."


"Ever since Perry Farrell opened his big mouth and proclaimed that not much is shocking, or something, it's been increasingly hard to freak people out with music...Fortunately, there are talented people out there currently working on this very problem. On the cutting edge of making your friends and neighbors feel awkward is the New York City collective Anti-Social Music."


"Shunning the gilded concert hall, the Anti-Social Music collective has tackled the new-music concert scene with the DIY fury of punk...After five years on the scene, ASM is entering what you might call adolescence this season. For the energy they infuse into the art form, let's hope they never completely grow up."

-Time Out New York

"'We want to be the music you can [piss] off your parents with,' [Pat] Muchmore says. 'You can't [piss] off your parents with rock and roll anymore. But put some contemporary chamber music on the CD changer and you can clear the room!'"

-Interview in Newsday

"This is indie and post-rock's version of an orchestra. Noisy and cluttered, then awkwardly beautiful...Nothing else like it. Ever. 5 Stars"

-Real Detroit Weekly

"The Collective tells me that when it comes to mixing musical genres, fear is the only dirty word. "In these troubled times of moral righteousness and sexual guilt, ASM is proud to announce our support for fornication, miscegenation and all the forbidden fruit which tastes all the sweeter.'"

-New York Press

"Enter Anti-Social Music. A collective of performers and composers who meet at the intersection of the DIY punk ethic, the avant-garde, chamber music, and free jazz. Clap between movements, shout "Gyee-hah!," stick needles in your eyes, do some foofy interpretive dancing, or smash cans of Natty Ice on your forehead. It's all fair game...Contemporary chamber music is the new punk. "


"There is barely a moment to breathe for being on the edge of your seat. If you think you aren't one for classical music, you need to get your head out of the sand."


"Since most chamber music is endured by music snobs and elitist pigs it was time for some anti-social clowns to take it back."

-Smother Magazine (editor's pick)

"I was enthralled...Fracture II by Pat Muchmore is one of the few pieces I've heard recently that truly shocked me...a brilliant debut disc of adventurous classical music."


"has its share of the brilliant and its share of the self-indulgently abrasive and the militantly dissonant...[V]ery good and also very weird in its blitzkrieg from style to style...startles with its creativity."

"Get ready to be transported."

-Aiding & Abetting

Raves in full: