6th P-P-Premieres Extravaganza
Saturday, March 13, 2004, 8pm
Pantheon Theatre - 303 West 42nd Street, 2nd Floor (@ 8th Avenue) ACENRQW12397S to Times Square.
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Anyway, here it is, chamber music for the artistically peripatetic and morally suspect. Out of the sweaty confines of Greenwich House, free from the unblinking eye of the maintenance guy at CAMI Hall, into comfortably louche quarters off the Square. As always, a mere $9.99. Now cheaper than the movies!

Sure, we don't have stadium seating, but can you get hard liquor and Ambience-with-a-capital "A" at the AMC 21? Can you get music that would normally accompany an autistic dwarf's nightmares at AMC 21? (Wow, can you get more tasteless?) Can you get a drunk and ranting Oklahoman at AMC 21? Actually, you know the answer is yes, which reminds me, don't miss the afterparty at a sleazy T.S. bar to be named later. Plus: Art by Miss Lasko-Gross, who's got a comic book called AIM, and has been featured in Screw magazine and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Featuring the world premieres of:
Peter Hess - Peccata Mundi, a Latin mass (almost) for trumpet, electric air organ, bass drum and soprano

Andrea La Rose - Seven Ways To Sunday for various instrumentation

Daniel Lasaga - Apparitions of the Industrial Wasteland for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello, double bass

Pat Muchmore - PortRaitS_4&five,**NYC'04 for cello and live electronics

Franz Nicolay - Too Damn Clever for piano

Eric Shanfield - After the Quake for 3 players and a cartload of woodwinds

Ken Thomson - Song for two violins and two voices

John Wriggle - Sectional (The Embedded Saxophone) for saxophone quartet

Cast of characters:
Tim Byrnes * Hubert Chen * Paul Chuffo * Jean Cook * Peter Hess * Jeff Hudgins * Amy Kohn * Andrea La Rose * Pat Muchmore * Evan Rapport * Eric Rockwin * Philippa Thompson * Ken Thomson * Amelia Watkins * Dan Neustadt

"They're bringing not punk rock but punk orchestra to the people." - NYPress

"Cutting-edge cultural production." - WNYC

"Scrappy composers' collective" - Time Out NY

Once you are at Times Square, make sure you're on 42 St. and get to the northwest corner of 42nd and 8th Ave. (You'll be standing pretty much in front of a gigantic Duane Reade) The next building west of the drug store, labelled in a pretty cursive sign as Three Hundred Three Towers, is the one. Go through the right-most set of doors and head up the elevator to the 2nd floor. Exit the elevator and walk to your right down a long and cramped hallway. When you get to the podium, pay the nice man or woman $9.99 and walk through the doorway to your right. Welcome to the lobby! There should be a few steps immediately to your left as you enter the lobby--go up them and through the door on your right. This is the theatre where we will be perpetrating our unique brand of perversion on your ears, so find a seat and prepare yourself.

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