You can hear (and purchase) all five offical Anti-Social Music releases at Bandcamp. Here are some samples.

  • ASM's collaboration with His Name Is Alive: After Devils Night
  • ASM's collaboration with dälek: Music for ASM
  • Triangle-driven bastard ragtime! (aka John Wriggle's Scooter's Rag)
  • A nihilistic setting of Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note (well, part of it); Kamala Sankaram's The Bitter Suite: Every Four Years
  • "A little bit organ-grinder meets meat grinder" (according to Chicago TimeOut) attempts to describe Pat Muchmore's gumdrops and kittens
  • ASM's own wild-eyed prophet, Dan Lasaga--a live excerpt (Pt 2) from his 7 Trails of the Forlorn Dawn Donkey
  • John Wriggle's "...Hero Cops & Olympic Gold" [SymphonASM No. 1] - Part 1 (We're All Winners)
  • Franz Nicolay is our spiritual leader, and this is the second movement of his each today is yesterday's tomorrow
  • a LIVE performance of Peter Hess' Salt or Hail
  • ...and Bob Massey/John Wriggle's masterstroke, Secrets


Videos of Anti-Social Music performances since 2001 will soon live again at our YouTube channel.

Here we are on morning television in Odessa:

Here we are on Ukrainian news in Ivano-Frankivsk: