Emily Schelstrate


Emily Schelstrate is a violinist attending Manhattan School of Music. Her real passion is in the music making, of which there can never be enough, and not in the bureaucracy, which brings out her anti-social tendencies. Emily does not like writing about herself because she is more interested in the present than the past, so let it suffice to say she has played violin since she was too little to be terribly interested in it, but grew more and more addicted to it. She loves performing in solo, chamber, or orchestral music and these performances have lead her to the stage in Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Constitution Hall, and other smaller venues... She has also played in San Marco Square in Venice. Or rather, she practiced there at 7 am in the morning because there was no other time to practice, and the street-cleaners seemed to enjoy it.

thank you and have a nice day.

A picture of Emily Schelstrate's mind:


An Haiku:

When winter weeps long
Look I to the songless voice
To hear a sunrise.

On the turntable:

  • Yehudi Menuhin, Wilhelm Kempff Beethoven Sonatas
  • Poulenc Sonata
  • Gidon Kremer - Hommage a piazzola
  • Ida Haendel - Enescu Sonata
  • Hindemith - Mathis der Mahler
  • Unto Ashes - Empty into white